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Draymond Green: Nike Zoom Dwyane Wade: Li-Ning Way of Kawhi Tim Duncan: Adidas David Lee: Nike Zoom LaMarcus Aldridge: Air JordanRicardo · (Riccardo Tisci); provided believe that honesty is the next big trend of fashion. Throughout his career, the designer of Italy, who has been able to blend sports and clothes with fashion, has been exploring the heart and recalling the spark that has inspired his imagination in the early days of his design career. "in the future, everything that people want will be genuine and true," Tisci expla Cheap air jordans for sale ins. "People want clothes with sincerity, shoes, everything that is good. The essence of what people are really looking for in design, color, fashion, and dress is sincerity." Tisci and Nike's latest shoes NikeLab Air Max 97 Mid x R.T. is the practice of this idea. In the process of designing Air Max 97, Tisci devoted a lot of emotion to these shoes, not only for himself, but also for many of his compatriots in Italy. "Air Max 97 has a tremendous impact on Italy culture," he said. "Air Max 97 is the hallmark of young people in the 90s.". I liked DJ and mu cheap jordan shoes for men sic at the time and the trend in the club was wearing Air Max. It was a time of historical memory, as well as the first collision between sportswear and fashion." people want sincere clothes, shoes, everything that is good. - Riccardo, Tisci although Tisci frankly admitted that he was getting older, his teenage interests continued to influence his design. Therefore, he gave Air Max 97 a sense of maturity, echoing his "sportswear and luxury style meet" aesthetic concept. He retained the soul of the shoes: its shape, mold, and full palm air cushion. But cheap jordans online at the same time, he was not afraid to introduce his own elements. "I make shoes higher because I think it looks more like street fashion, and that's my typical style," Tisci said. It's for design also reflects the designers of basketball and skateboarding prolonged interest. Black and white contrast stitching leather material, the new structure of this pair of shoes at the same time, conveys a ripe temperament. Air Max 97 has a great influence and touch on the culture of Italy. - Riccardo Tisci rugby player's signature boots are usually training sho Retro jordans for sale es, Reebok's NFL superstar, defensive end J.J. Watt played for the Houston peak Texas team, ushered in his second pairs of shoes -- Reebok JJ 2 training signature. Compared with the previous generation, its lines are more simple, the soles are more closely ground, and Liquidform technology is used to increase the feel of the slow felt. Are you interested in trying on the signature shoes of rugby players?Dongguan footwear brand alliance docking buyers -- the first foreign-invested enterprises in Guangdong products (domestic) Expo held in Dongguan to t Retro jordans for sale ackle the international financial crisis, promote foreign investment cooperation and circulation enterprises docking, further expand the domestic market, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial People's government, the office of foreign trade, economic and Trade Commission, Dongguan Municipal People's Government hosted the first Guangdong foreign products Expo (hereinafter referred to as (domestic) "the fair"), on June 18th - 20 days in Guangdong modern international exhibition centre. because Dongguan has gat cheap jordans for sale hered a large number of foreign investment enterprises, and at the same time become the venue of the first exhibition, so foreign processing trade enterprises will have a strong will to participate. As of now, a total of more than 1140 enterprises exhibitors, the implementation of the 2563 booths, including shoes 58 exhibitors, Dongguan District 36, the world's footwear (Asia) headquarters base pavilion a total of 18 companies selected (32 organizations), the implementation of 54 booths. end consumer goods exhibition exhibition to the quality and safet cheap jordans for sale mens y of products and competitive advantage, including home appliances, consumer electronics, clothing, toys and gifts, kitchen supplies, furniture accessories, building materials, supplies and accessories accessories nine categories. the organizing committee will launch major cities in China to purchase sightseeing tours, participate in fairs, and carry out product shopping. So far, there are 21 large foreign buyers and exhibitors procurement will set up booths, 6 large foreign buyers for exhibition procurement, 39 professional buyers sign up exhibition p Cheap air jordan 12 ovo rocurement, 5000 enterprises to purchase. In addition, the exhibition will also invite domestic and foreign large-scale procurement group, including WAL-MART, Carrefour, Tesco, Metro, Huarun, 100, 100, 000 Guangzhou friendship, Shanghai Hualian, Haiya and so on. During the period, we will arrange the purchasing manager and buyer of the relevant purchasing company to negotiate and purchase with the Guangdong provincial foreign capital enterprises, and provide the domestic service for the product transformation, and help the exhibitors to realize the rapid exp cheap foamposites ansion of the domestic market. During the exhibition, the organizers will arrange for foreign enterprises domestic policy and business coaching special session, by the relevant government departments in Guangdong to explain Guangdong foreign enterprises to expand domestic sales of relevant policies and bidding procedures. for a variety of reasons, many foreign investment enterprises in Guangdong, especially the processing trade enterprises, are mainly exported because of the limitations of policies and other aspects." Deputy general manager of Dongguan w Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping -real Investment Co., Ltd. Zhang Hong said, a large number of high-quality products to enter the domestic market, the international market China products caused by excessive competition, weaken the foreign technology and management spillover effect, reduce the radiation effect on stimulating the domestic industry, the impact of Guangdong Province industrial structure optimization and upgrading. zhangfuzong said, change the situation has become a push)Nike's classic shoes Air Force 1 debut again take on an altogether new aspect, white leather uppers made with swoosh and then by the blue suede build, the overall style is elegant and clear texture class. item: 488298-148 DSC08000_1024x1024.jpeg (109.68 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 Low white / blue photos 2014-7-2 10:05 upload DSC08004_1024x1024.jpeg (112.94 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 Low white / blue photos 2014-7-2 10:05 upload DSC08003_1024x1024.jpeg (121 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 Low white / blue photos 2014-7-2 10:05 upload DSC08002_1024x1024.jpeg (203.53 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 Low white / blue photos 2014-7-2 10:05 Nike Air Force upload, 1, Low, AF1 00German boxing shoes and training shoes combine elements of fashion shoes 2013-12-08 22:33:06 Y-3 brand unique design style being talked about, Mr. Yohji Yamamoto for this brand gives a unique creativity, its bold design has a separate faction, each shoe has its unique style design. In this fall season, Y-3 has been gradually brought us a variety of novel design of fashion items, today this GSG 3 new shoes to tell you once again subvert our traditional values, strongly stimulated the nerves of our senses . The iconic shoes Gaotong boxing shoes training shoes plus Germany classic elements for the spindle, and then into the Outdoor outdoor style and high-end fashion elements, very bold. Designers using the navy blue and black nylon and leather material to create a shoe body of the shoe, with the sole German training shoes iconic white, then to outdoor-style metal buckle lace embellishment, again with style design techniques to create a unique shoes so. Shoes priced 430 euros, Y-3 store was officially on sale.

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